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Are you searching for some dinosaur information? Do you want to read dinosaur books? If you said YES, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll discover a great deal about dinosaurs.

So, What Makes Dinosaurs So Interesting?

Information you’ll find here will be easy to read as this caters to younger age groups. On the other hand, some dinosaur information will be harder to read and more technical. This information is for older age groups and dinosaur enthusiasts with a greater level of knowledge. However, no matter whether you’re a novice or an expert on dinosaurs, you will find information that caters to your level of interest. Our dinosaur articles are about the largest dinosaur to the very smallest.

Dinosaurs Came from a Prehistoric Time

Living over 65-million years ago, dinosaurs inhabited a world vastly different to the one we live in today. However, the amount of information collected on dinosaurs is substantial. Subsequently, this information allows you to understand how the world has evolved and changed over time.

Plus, it’s also interesting to note that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Accordingly, by looking at how the bird has developed over thousands of years, we can understand more about the origin of flight and birds themselves.

Dinosaurs Were the Largest Animals on Earth

The sheer size of the dinosaur sparks imagination. Both the young and the old want to know more about dinosaurs. What was it like to live during a time when animals larger than houses roamed around? How did these animals live? What did they eat? Thus, information on the enormity of this animal and how it survived allows you to understand science, bio mechanics, eco-systems, and life-cycles. Hence, these animals are a great way to start a conversation and to also bring family and friends closer together as they compare interesting facts.

Much Dinosaur Information is Fascinating

There are thousands of facts here on dinosaurs. The following is just a sample:

  • Roaming the Earth for 160 million years, dinosaurs lived from 230 million to 65 million years ago.
  • Estimated life spans of dinosaurs were 200-years.
  • 1,000 different species of dinosaurs existed.
  • All dinosaurs were reptiles that laid eggs, but scientists have only found 40 types of these.
  • Skulls of dinosaurs were light-weight due to them having holes in them.
  • Larger dinosaurs had skulls as big as cars.
  • Dinosaur is Greek for “terrible lizard.”

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