Dinosaur Books for Children

There are many dinosaur books on the market that are popular with children and their parents. These books range from illustrated non-fiction titles through to fictional ones which define dinosaurs’ habitats and way of life by telling a story. Most children’s books for younger age groups are humorous, making dinosaurs fun rather than scary.

Best Dinosaur Books for Children Under 6

Read by the child or by a parent, these titles are educational and thought-provoking. Dinosaurs: The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs and some other excellent titles include:

  • Dinosaurs (Eye Openers)

Written by Angela Royston, and published in 1991 by Little Simon, this 24-paged title is ideal for children aged 2-years and older. With beautiful illustrations that resemble photos and easy to read and understand text, this book will open a child’s world to many new possibilities.

  • Dinosaur Dance

A 16-paged board book for 1- to 5-year-olds, written by Sandra Bonyton, is an Amazon best-seller. Scoring 4.7 out five starts and over more than 100 reviews, readers describe this title as perfect, with adorable illustrations. and a fun read.

  • My Big Book of Dinosaurs

Published on 2011by Priddy Books, this title is best for 2-to 5-year-olds. A board book with just 8 pages, it is a quick, easy read that is ideal at bedtime. Another Amazon bestseller, this book has over 600 reviews and has received a 4.6-star rating. Purchasers of the title say their children can’t put this book down; they just sit and look at the pictures for hours.

  • How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?

Just one title in a series of many, this Amazon Best Seller suits 3- to 5-year-olds. Blue Sky Press publishes this 12-paged board book, which is written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague. Receiving mostly 5-star ratings on Amazon, this title is wonderful for dinosaur lovers.

Top Dinosaur Books for Children Under 16

  • A Dinosaur Named Sue: The World’s Most Complete T. Rex

Printed in 2000, by Scholastic, this 64-paged title details the finding of the bones of an almost complete Tyrannosaurus Rex. The fossil, found by Susan Hendrickson while walking her dog in South Dakota during 1990, became a hot media topic as the bones were unearthed and then transported the Field Museum in Chicago. Even though this title is not on Amazon’s top 100, it has received a 5-star rating and is considered by purchasers as an excellent read.

  • Digging for Bird-Dinosaurs: An Expedition to Madagascar (Scientists in the Field Series)

Penned by Nic Bishop and published by HMH Books for Young Readers in 2000, this 48-page book focuses on the 1998 Madagascar expedition by Cathy Forster, a bird fossil specialist. This title, described as an inspirational, fabulous children’s book, rates highly with both kids and parents.

  • Searching for Velociraptor

Known as a search and discovery title that follows a trek through the Gobi Desert, HarperCollins Children’s Books published the book in 1996. Authors Palaeontologists Lowell Dingus and Mark Norell wrote the book that’s ideal for children 9 and up. Overall, this 31-page book is a stimulating read for budding dinosaur hunters.